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Marie Guerrier

Pendante IN

  • One piece earring
  • triangle shape with engraving
  • Gold plated brass
  • Measures 75x27mm
  • Limited edition, 2 pieces available
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    Gold plated brass. Handmade in France

    Shipped from: Paris - France
      Graduate from the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres (Paris) in 2013, Marie Guerrier initiated her work with the combination of shapes and materials in the field of design and abstract sculpture. Her desire to vary the scale and combine techniques brought her to focus on research for smaller creations: jewelry. She then devoted herself to the design and realization of unique pieces. Her creations are made of metal: silver or gold-plated brass which she likes combining with other materials like carved wood, turned wood, rough stones, or enameled copper. The body is the display of those tiny sculptures which are arranged like small balanced and harmonious architectures that are meant to be worn. The jewel then becomes an intimate object, and guards his owner like an amulet. She mostly gets her inspiration from the mineral world: "those wonderful fruits of nature have very rigorous geometrical structures, nevertheless their tinges and textures are often unpredictable." Marie's aim is to give a unique identity and style to known and recognizable shapes, with a little twist, mixed and put together. Furthermore, by playing with the meeting of materials, and with the contrast of filled space and empty space, she seeks to question our perception.

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