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Daughter Of Jon

Keyfob Black/white/yellow

  • Black, yellow and white keyfob
  • Black and yellow leather and white patent leather
  • Silver clasps and studs
  • Approx dimensions: Length: 49cm
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    Handmade from 100% black and yellow leather, white patent leather

    Shipped from: London - United Kingdom
      I like reinventing classic shapes with unusual natural materials. I like raw textures and classic designs, elegant shapes and striding colours, unusual patterns and natural proportions. Modern classics for adventurous people.I studied fashion design in Vienna but I grew up in Reykjavik and later on moved to Barcelona. I blend bits from all these places in my designs: the raw elements of Iceland, the flair of Vienna, the playfulness and colour of Barcelona's street life. And now London is bringing it all together.

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